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Hybrid Material


The New Glass Company of Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd., the parent company of Yamamura Photonics, is developing "PDMS-based hybrid material", which is thermosetting silicone resin material with excellent heat resistance and UV resistance.
"Hybrid material" has a high heat-resistant temperature because it has an inorganic polymer with Si-O bonds as its main skeleton and does not have C-C bonds in its structure. In addition, it maintains the transmittance and the characteristics for a long time because it does not become yellow or cloudy due to UV light or heat. Furthermore, the volatilization of low-molecular-weight siloxane, which was a problem with conventional silicone-based materials, has been reduced to a very small amount by using particular raw materials.
Yamamura Photonics is focusing on developing new products with this "hybrid material" in collaboration with the New Glass Company, for example, optical clear adhesives (OCA), thermal conductive sheets with high electrical insulation, B-stage adhesives on components. We are working on development every day intending to expand into various fields and applications.



High heat resistance: Heat resistance temperature 250℃ (in the air)
High transmittance: T> 90% @ 300nm-800nm * Applied on silica substrate
Excellent resistance to UV
Reducing the volatilization of small molecule siloxane to a very small amount (10ppm or less)
High electrical insulation:1×10-16~10-15Ω・cm
Thermal conductive sheets with high electrical insulation
B-stage adhesive
Nihon Yamamura Glass Co., Ltd. New Glass Company