Following the adoption of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, Yamamura Photonics has been actively engaged in activities toward each of our goals, reaffirming that efforts to realize a sustainable society are important management issues.
We have made efforts to save resources and energy, recycle, and reduce waste in our business activities. In addition, we will develop next-generation technologies and products that reduce the environmental burden as a technology development type material and parts manufacturer. Also, we will focus on employee health maintenance activities and employee education to provide a better employment environment. Furthermore, we will focus on human rights violation prevention environment, and we will contribute to society through community beautification activities.
As a member of the Yamamura Group, we at Yamamura Photonics contribute to the harmony between society and the environment through our business activities.
  • Employee health maintanance

    Strict adherence to legal working hours, 36 agreements

    Occupational safety and accident revention activities

    Regular health checkups and special health checkups

  • Employee education

    Correspondence education subsidy system for self-development

    Career support system

  • Human rights violation prevention environment

    Implementaion of harassment questionnaires

    Setting up harassment consultation desks and assigning counselors

    Childcare / long-term care leave system

    Childcare / long-term care time reduction system

    Medical care system

    Flextime system

  • Safe water supply

    Development and supply of products for water sterilization applications

  • Improvement of employment conditions

    Code of Conduct and Work Regulations posted on the in-house website

    Participation in labor insurance and social insurance by all employees

  • Innovation

    Supporting industrial development and technological innovation by supplying products

  • Community Contribution

    Blood donation activity (twice a year)

    Participation in the eco-cap movement

    Cooperation wtih a community festival (for example, the Tsurumi River Area Children's Wind Festival)

    Community beautification activities (cleaning outside of the premises)

  • Waste reduction and proper disposal of waste

    Efforts to reduce waste and recycle resources

    Appropriate management of chemical substances and waste

  • Greenhouse gas reduction

    CO2 reduction activities

    Efforts to save energy

  • Wastewater management

    Compliance with management standards by proper operation of wastewater treatment and septic tanks

    COD emission reduction