LTCC green sheet

LTCC Green Sheet

LTCC green sheet

LTCC Green Sheet


LTCC is an abbreviation of "Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics". LTCC is a glass ceramics that can be co-fired with conductors at a lower temperature than ceramics such as alumina. Yamamura Photonics' green sheets for LTCC substrates can be fired at a low temperature of 900℃ or less and have features such as high strength, low power loss, low dielectric constant, and high dimensional stability during sintering. In addition, our green sheets are all lead-free, environmentally friendly products. Our products are used in various applications such as high-frequency circuit boards, in-vehicle boards, and LED boards. Usages of LTCC will be expected to continue to expand in the future as an indispensable material for improving the performance, size, and height of electronic components and modules.


High dimensional stability and printability

Yamamura’s LTCC green sheets have succeeded in suppressing the shrinkage deviation during sintering based on the know-how of material selection and film formation technology. In addition, high printability enables high-density and high-precision machining.
XY shrinkage tolerance ± 0.3%
L/S (Line & Space): 50μm/50μm

Lineups of distinctive standard products

You can select standard products according to the required characteristics such as low dielectric constant, low loss, high strength, and high reflectance.

Material development / Customized design

In addition to customized sizes and thicknesses, we also respond to requests for material development. We can develop glass composition in cooperation with our parent company, Nihon Yamamura Glass. We will introduce a matching paste when proposing a newly developed sheet.
High strength LTCC green sheet/Low dielectric loss LTCC green sheet
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Standard Products

Standard size: □100~500mm
Sheet thickness: 30~300μm