Glass LID

Glass LID for Au-Sn Eutectic bonding

Glass LID

Glass LID for Au-Sn Eutectic bonding


Glass LID is a component assembled with various optical windows and metal frames by joining them and is used as a lid for packages such as LEDs, lasers, and MEMS. Yamamura Photonics offers two types of LIDs (seam welding type and AuSn type) according to the joining method for the cavity.
The AuSn type was developed mainly for UV-LED packages. In this type, we use our original composition of UV-transmissive glass as the window material and directly join it to the metal frame without sealing glass.


Directly joined type

A type in which the window material and the metal frame are directly joined without sealing glass. The features of this type are low height because of its fewer parts, and a wide opening diameter because there is no possibility of sealing glass flowing toward the window center. However, the choice of window and metal material is limited in this type.

Custom design support

We can provide custom designs, including optical coating according to the application and required characteristics. We can also consider brazing materials other than AuSn, so please feel free to contact us.
Size: □3mm~
Frame Material: Kovar
Window Material: Borosilicate glass, UV-transmissive glass (~ UV-A)
* UV-B, C transmissive glasses are under development
Optical design
Cap / LID for infrared and UV
Cap / LID for UV-B

Standard Samples

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