Flat Window Cap


Flat Window Cap


The flat window cap consists of a metal can and an optical window. They are joined by using sealing glass, so these components have high hermeticity. Our flat window caps are used in a wide range of fields as package components for various semiconductor lasers and light-emitting or receiving elements such as for optical communication, ultraviolet or infrared sensors, LEDs, and visible light lasers.
Yamamura Photonics selects window materials according to the application or the customer's packaging process. Also, we can propose various coatings such as AR coating that improves the transmittance of a specific region for a wide range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared, and filter coating that transmits, attenuates, and cuts off the light in a particular wavelength region.


Excellent hermeticity / High reliability

Our flat window caps realize a highly reliable hermetic package because those windows and metal cans are assembled by joining metal cans and window materials with sealing glass.
Hermeticity:under 1×10-9Pa・m3/s
Reliability: Pass the Temperature Cycling Test (-55℃/10min ⇔ +125℃/10min ×2000cycs) and the Damp Heat Test (+85℃, 85% ×2000h)

Various standard products

We can provide standard cap products of various sizes from TO-38 to TO-5. Large caps over TO-8 are also available as semi-standard products.

Customizable design

Our caps are customizable. We can modify dimensions based on customers’ requests. Also, we can propose optimal optical coatings suitable for usage.
Optical design

Abundant mass production results

From small-scale production of hundreds of pieces to mass production of hundreds of thousands of pieces, we have had a mass production record of TO-Cap for more than 20 years. Also, we have production and inspection systems using automatic machines, and as a result, we can start mass production in a short period.
Quality assurance system

Standard Samples

Shell Material: Kovar,50NiFe, etc.
Window Material: Borosilicate glass, etc.