Lens caps are made for opto-semicondactor packaging with a lens hermetically sealed to a metal can, which are mainly used for optical communication device and measuring instruments. Yamamura Photonics propose the best optical designs and products in accordance with various requirements through the best choice of materials based on our technology. Our lens caps have gained the trust of customers as high quality products which can pass hard environmental tests of optical communication. We can provide lead free products of lens caps like flat window caps. We will continue to put effort into developing higher quality and environmentally friendly products going forward.

Product information Vol.L1 LENS/WINDOW CAP For Optoelectronic Device(Rev.6 Apr/2019)(PDF)

Product and technology

Ball lens caps

The ball lens cap is mainly used for optical communication device, which consists of a ball lens, a metal can and a sealing glass. Recently, the markets of optical communication are globally expanding and the demand of ball lens caps is more and more increasing. In such a situation, our products have gained the trust of every customer as high quality and reliable products. We provide various ball lens caps including TO-46 and TO-56 type as standard products. In addition, we can provide customized caps to meet requirements of customers. Yamamura Photonics will support you in designing the best optical systems.

Standard Products: TO-46, TO-56
Lens Index: nd = 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0 (High Index Type)

Fused lens cap

The fused lens cap is a cap with a fused glass lens directly sealed to a metal can without using a sealing glass. The fused lens cap is also mainly used for optical communication device, especially suitable for PD of optical transceiver and VCSEL. We propose various optical designs and products in accordance with your requirements, so please feel free to contact us.

Standard Products: TO-46, TO-52

Aspherical lens cap

The aspherical lens cap is made with an aspherical lens hermetically sealed to a metal can. By using an aspherical lens, the higher coupling efficiency and the shorter focal length than that of ball lens can be obtained. The aspherical lens cap can be used for collimating of emitting lights from optical fibers or semiconductor laser diodes. In addition to muss-produced products, Yamamura Photonics can provide lens designs and optical simulations of coupling efficiency or focal length under customer’s conditions. We are trying to develop new products in order to meet the needs of the growing markets of optical communication in the future.

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