YAMAMURA PHOTONICS powerfully support the progress of advanced information society

Yamamura Photonics started to manufacture caps for opto-semicondactor packaging in the 1980s, supported by the Glass-To-Metal-Seal (GTMS) technology which had been cultivated throughout long history of Yamamura Photonics. We have been developing many products to meet the demands of advanced optical technology markets and we currently provide various products, typified by Glass LIDs, Glass Diffusers, TO-Caps such as flat window caps or lens caps. We can hermetically seal many kinds of optical materials to metal packages including flat glass, ball lens, aspherical lens, silica glass, sapphire, silicon, germanium, and so on. We propose the best optical designs and products to customers in accordance with various requirements through the best choices of materials based on our technology. We, Yamamura Photonics, will continue to focus on customer satisfaction and to make effort to provide higher quality products in the future.