YAMAMURA Photonics’ LTCC green sheet can be sintered by less than 900 degC temperature. It futures high strength, low loss, low dielectric constant, and stable dimension. It is used in the high frequency circuit, car electronics, LED substrate and other various high quality application , minimum size, and low profile. Pb-free products are available.

Product and technology

LTCC Green Sheet

YAMAMURA Photonics’ offers LTCC green sheet in variety of size and thickness or roll shape shipping is possible. Coloured sheet, softness/hardness adjustment are possible upon customers request.

Product information Vol.C1 LTCC Green sheet LTCC Substrate (Rev.5 Apr/2019)(PDF)

Alumina sheet, other sheet

Not only LTCC sheet, but alumina or other material sheets are possible to be made.

The inquiry about a product

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