President Tomoyuki TAGUCHI

We at Yamamura Photonics have developed a business founded on our glass material and Glass-to-Metal-Seal (GTMS) technologies cultivated through the manufacture of vacuum tube products since our foundation in 1949.

Based on these accumulated technologies, we responded to the innovative change from vacuum tubes to semiconductors and begun supplying various components to the industrial field of integrated optics and electronics. Currently, our business consists of three major fields as described below.

(1) Glass components for use in electrical and electronic equipment, and for the medical and infrastructure industries

(2) Components for opto-electronic packages

(3) Glass ceramics substrate materials for the semiconductor and electronic industries

Recently, tremendous speed of new technology and product development is required in the semiconductor, information and communication technology (ICT), and automotive industries, with opto-electronics being considered as a core competence.

In this era where diversity is required, we are continuously providing customers with more satisfying products and services by sensing and promptly responding to changes in society.

Through the generation of synergies with the Yamamura Group, and by combining the knowledge of glass material and the skill of glass processing, we will continuously endeavor to develop and to produce unique components and materials based on the keywords of “Optics and Electronics”